The CARI Helpline (Lo Call 1890 92 4567), a specialised NATIONAL service is the overarching resource provided by CARI and often the first point of contact for the following;

  • Adults concerned about a child or young person who may have been abused
  • Parents and carers concerned about a child or young person with worrying sexual behaviour
  • Professionals calling for case advice (e.g. Social Workers, Gardaí, School Guidance Counsellors etc.)
  • Adult survivors of child sexual abuse

The CARI Helpline has responded to approximately 1,300 calls per year since 2006.

Key Helpline Objectives

  • Assist callers to identify the nature and seriousness of their concerns
  • Provide information and support to callers to help them clarify their thinking
  • Explore options available, including referral to our own follow-up service or to another agency
  • Advise callers about further actions to consider
  • Agree one or more protective actions the caller will take

Helpline Confidentiality

Callers are told; The Helpline is confidential. We will not ask you for your name or any other details, but if you do give us any information that identifies a child who has been, is being, or is at risk of being abused, we will pass this on to the appropriate agencies. We will also pass on details of any criminal offence that has been committed.

This policy is in line with Children’s First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children. For further information please visit