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95-Stop Tour for Limerick Kids

May 23rd, 2018
Limerick’s Live 95FM are delighted to announce the addition of a new charity partner, Cliona’s Foundation, to their charity fundraiser Live 95FM’s 95 Stop Tour for 2018.
Cliona’s Foundation will join existing partners, CARI Limerick and the Children’s Ark including Neonatal Unit at University Hospital Limerick.

In excess of €600,000 has been raised by Live 95FM’s 95 Stop Tour for Limerick Kids thanks to the generosity of the people of Limerick over the past 8 years.



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Talk at the Victims’ Rights Conference

Talking at the Victims’ Rights Conference Eve Farrelly spoke about some of the issues that children still face today about going to court. An alien environment designed for an adult to negotiate, children, who come to tell a difficult story, can find it all the more intimidating.

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Would you like to volunteer?

CARI are presently recruiting VOLUNTEERS for Child & Family Accompaniment to Rotunda SATU

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Online grooming CARI report 2018


The CARI helpline team have been reporting that young people’s unsupervised use of the internet is a dangerous place for them. It has become very concerning that perpetrators of sexual abuse have found a new and quite often devastating way of targeting, grooming and sexually violating very vulnerable children. 

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